Blackwood/Warner Team

jasonHugh and Jason are both Real Estate Brokers with many years of experience. Hard work, focus, and striving to do the ‘right’ thing have enabled Hugh and Jason to achieve significant success. The Blackwood/Warner Group consistently sells more than 500 homes each year and this has them ranked as the #3 team in America for the Century 21 network.

This experience helps us to anticipate problems before they arise in most transactions — helping you to successfully buy or sell your home. It is like the old analogy, “If you need to have a medical procedure done, would you want to see the physician who performs the procedure 20 times/year or the physician who performs the procedure 500 times/year”? Selling or buying a home can be complicated and normally represents a significant decision in a person’s life. Hugh and Jason have a talented team surrounding them to insure a high level of service to both buyers and sellers.

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